Saturday, December 13, 2008

Western's Holiday Party

Last night, Ty and I went to my work Christmas Party. We have it at the office in our "Meeting Room". It works out really good and cuts down on the cost. Ty took a bunch of good pictures!

This was a picture of the ornament exchange game we play. Jim, my boss reads a story and every time he says "left" we pass the ornament left and every time he says "right" we pass right. It's funny to see how many people pass it the wrong way!

Ty took a bunch of pictures of me.

I really like this picture he took.

I was checking on Ian. He stayed the night at my parents house. Which was really nice since I had been running around all day to get the party set up and I was tired.


Jo said...

Looks like fun! They had YOU running around doing stuff. That doesn't seem fair.

Michelle said...

I don't mind. It's part of my "office manager" duties, plus I got paid for it :)