Monday, December 29, 2008

Fun Holiday Pics

About a month ago I got a new camera. So for the past few weeks, Ty and I have been experimenting. Below are some of our favorites This picture was taken the day we put up the Christmas Tree! Ian's hands are in focus and the rest is blurred.

Ty took this shot of Ian and I wrestling.

Our Christmas Tree all spark lie

Ty was showing me how to blur the foreground and the background! This was his blurred foreground shot!

My blurred background shot!

This was my blurred foreground shot.

The Fudge!!!!

Ian Playing in the snow. I love the how I caught him mid-stride

Jessica's mask from New Orleans

My Mom is holding the picture of Jenn and Alan in her arms. I really like the effect Ty got from this!


This is a picture of a picture Ty took :)

I wonder who will win, Sponge bob or the #5 car?

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Jo said...

Happy New Year! I'm glad you mentioned the birthday party, I forgot.