Monday, December 22, 2008

Dec 20-21 Christmas in Hesperia, CA

We drove to Hesperia on Saturday for Christmas with my Grandparents and My Aunt and Uncle. The drive was nice. We stoped in Tehachapi so Ian could see the snow (not knowing what was instore for us in Hesperia). Tehachapi thru the car window
Ian posing on a rock in Tehachapi

When we go to Kramer Junction (4 corners) we noticed there was snow! More than there was in Tehachapi. As we drove the 395 and got closer to Hesperia we were excited to see the snow got thicker! We got to my Aunt & Uncle's house aroud noon. We decided to stop at the Super Target and pick up some gloves and hats so we could play in the snow a little. Ty, Ian, Alan and Jenn made a snowman in the front yard. When the snowman was done it was taller than Ty!!!

Ian helping roll the Head!
Ty and Alan putting the body on the snowman

The snowman!

Later, Ty thought the snowman needed a hair-do!
After the snowman, we all came inside and opened gifts.

Ty and Ian playing before we left for Casey and Jordan's!

Jenn and Ian playing "horsie"
We spent the night over my cousin Casey and her fiance, Jordan's house.
Ian Playing rockband!!

Jordan and Ian playing the drums


Jo said...

Nice Snowman! Those are some serious drums, that's what we need for rockband ;)

Jen said...

I love the hairdo on the snowman!