Monday, May 25, 2009

Planes, Trains and Ostriches

Since we were bored on Friday, we decided to go to Tehachapi and see my parents. They were camping again. This was the view from my parents' campsite. The airstrip was right behind them and off to the left was the airport. The majority of the planes flown there weren't planes at all but instead gliders.

Since I was very tired from looking at the gliders on Friday, we spent the night. On Saturday, we went to the Indian Point Ostrich farm. On the way, we saw cows, horses and sheep. Ian especially loved the sheep. We even pulled over and he got to talk to them for awhile. He learned that sheep say "maaa" not "baaa". And whenever he would "maaa" at them, they would turn their heads and "maaa" back. It was very cute.
When we got to the ostrich farm, we took a tour. Ian loved the "big Ducks". Below is a picture of Ian with Ralph the Ostrich and another of him holding an ostrich egg.

After the ostrich farm, we went to the Tehachapi Loop to look at trains. Ian loves trains!
Then we headed back to camp so we could pack our stuff to go home.


Jen said...

That ostrich egg looks extra huge when Ian's holding it. What fun adventures.

Hansen Household said...

How Fun. You guys do so many fun and exciting things. Hopefully next year when they move us we will be a little closer to our families.