Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day weekend

Friday night, Luke, Ian and I went to my parent's house to play games. The picture below is of my mom and older sister Jennifer arm wrestling (it was a challenge from one of the games we played). We stayed up playing 'til midnight. Since, Luke and Ian had already fallen asleep, and I was really tired we stayed the night.

The next morning (Saturday), around 10am, we left for home, Jennifer and Jessica came over to play more games.
Around 4:30pm Sean, Serina, Jon, Jolene, Teresa, Nathan and my Mom came over for pizza. The Guys left around 5:30pm to go "Airsofting" and us girls stayed and watched "Bride Wars" (sorry no pictures).
The next morning, Mother's Day, we got up at 6am so we could go to Tehachapi to see Ty's mom , they had to be at church at 9am. Before, we left Ian showed me a basket on the table that had my name on it. In it was; a card from Ty, a bag of reces peices, a bag of almonds and 2 heart shaped letters one was from Ian and the other from Luke they were cute and I even cried a little (Ty did a really good job on interpreting their feelings). Below is a picture of Luke and I outside Ty's parents' house. Below that is a picture of Ty's Mom, Grandma and Aunts.

After visiting for a while, we left Tehacahpi and headed back to Bakersfield to celebrate Mother's Day with my side of the family. We went to the Riverlakes Pool and had Famous Dave's for lunch. Ian loved the water and Luke slept most of the day.

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