Friday, March 6, 2009

Single Digits!

I went to see the doctor yesterday, Ian went too. Ian was a bit anxious to leave when we checked in, I think he thought he was getting the check up, but when we got in the room and Mommy had to get on the table he was OK. He was very excited when he found his picture on the wall with the other babies!
When Dr. Klis came into the room Ian was a big show off. He counted to 10 and he sang his Monkey song (which I still cannot get on tape). Dr. Klis pushed a chair up to the table for Ian to stand on. He then showed Ian how to hold the fetal Doppler and where to find the baby's heartbeat. It was really cute!
According to Dr. Klis everything is good! The 14th is still the day for the C-section. 8 more days!


Jo said...

How fun for him :)
If you want to bring him over here for those doctors visits, he's welcome. Especially after the baby is born, he might not find that as fun :)

Jen said...

How exciting, we can't wait to see pictures and hear how everything goes.