Monday, November 5, 2012


October was a very busy month for all of us...
 I've been helping a lot in Ian's classroom.  One day while I was there, they were learning about bats.  Ian can now tell you a bunch of cool things bats can do, like they are mammals and they have webbed wings.  

 Ian played soccer every Saturday in October.  His last game he got a huge surprise...Aunt Jen, Uncle Alan, Aunt Tammy, Uncle Don, Darrell, Grandma, Grandpa and James were there. After the game, we went to a pizza party to celebrate.  
 Ty and I went to a Halloween Costume Party in LA... We went with 6 other people and had a great time.

 With all the fun stuff going on in October, we didn't get to carve our pumpkins until the night before Halloween.  Luke and Ty shared a pumpkin, mainly because Luke was only interested in pulling out the seeds and stabbing the pumpkin (he was not much interested in carving a face into it).  Ian had his own pumpkin,  and only needed a little help with the carving.   
 Halloween Day was a bit crazy...Luke spent the morning with my Dad, so I could help in Ian's class.  The morning started with a traditional Halloween Parade.  Then it was back to the classroom for Halloween Centers and a Yummy Treat.

Batman and Robin 
 After school, we went to Ty's work to see the awesome decorations. Ty's department decided to do a Farm Theme this year.
Ian, Luke, Hailey and Wyatt
Afterwards, it was off to a friend's house for a little Halloween Party.  We had Pizza, made caramel apples and played.
Robin, Batman, Poison Ivy and Scarcrow
 Then we went home to get ready for Trick-Or-Treating...Jon, Jo and Teresa came over to walk with us and Ian's friend from school Hailey, her Dad and her Gma also joined us. 

 The next day, I was back at Ian's school... We melted crayons on pumpkins.  It was a very fun project, but after melting crayons on 27 pumpkins, I'm so over crayons and I need a new hair dryer :)

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