Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

Sorry for the delay in the post...we've been a bit busy :P
Leah came into town with her husband and 6 kids on the 22nd. We had a birthday party on Wednesday for the two youngest (Jessica and Suzzana) and we also went to the movies and saw Megamind. Thursday, we had dinner at our house (there were 23 people here!!). Friday JJ and Sam came to visit us, while Mom and Dad took the others to Hollywood and Santa Monica. Friday night Santa came to our house, Ian was very upset he didn't drink all his milk! Saturday was super-fun, the boys loved all their gifts from Santa :P Sunday, Jennifer came over and we played board games all day...Ian even got to play a couple.

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Anonymous said...

nice blog(: this makes me want to have a family like yours one day!